Wendy runs a marathon

Week 14 – Maranoia

Will I make it to the finish line? Will I get injured again? What if a family member becomes ill? What if my dog is sick? What if I GET ILL? Can you run with Coronavirus? If they cancel flights, is there a boat to mainland Europe? Will COVID-19 sweep Europe and cause all marathons … Continue reading Week 14 – Maranoia

Week 13 – Milestone

Technically, I’ve only a few more weeks of ‘proper’ training left to go. Weeks 17 and 18 don’t have anything greater than an 8 mile run (well, apart from the 26 miler at the end of week 18!) This week was one of those weeks where everything went really, really well. Which is great, because … Continue reading Week 13 – Milestone

Week 4 – I do believe it’s working, good.

Ahh, Comfortably Numb. Classic. Week 4 has been pretty good. Culminating in a really positive long run on Saturday, the training plan does appear to be working. It’s Christmas Eve Eve at time of writing and I’ve just a few things to wrap, an ambitious vegetarian-friendly pie to bake (my entire family are carnivores, looking … Continue reading Week 4 – I do believe it’s working, good.

Week 1 – Training Begins

Thinking of a title for my blog took approximately 0.3 seconds. Admittedly, I’d just watched the far more interesting Brittany Runs a Marathon a few nights ago, so it’s a shameless mix of blatant plagiarism and bandwagon-jumping. I’m not much of a jumper, but I do run…. …and I have signed up for my first … Continue reading Week 1 – Training Begins

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