Week 6 – New Year, new me…nah, just the same me.

It was actually this time last year that I started running. My Facebook memories said so….

2nd Jan 2019 : First run of 2019 done. I’m not gonna lie, the thought of me running for a full 5 minutes (week 4/Couch to 5K) was, well, a little ridiculous. A lifelong exercise avoider – it came as quite a revelation that I could not only run (well, lightly jog) for that long, but that for some of the time, I stopped noticing I was running and zoned out, enjoying the scenery instead 

2nd Jan 2020 : seriously? Only 3 miles today?

I think it’s great that the start of the year marks, for many, a positive change in their health habits. My running club is doing a C25K programme starting this evening, and I’m going along to offer support and encouragement to all the new or returning runners.

My training plan is also moving up a gear next week, so I’ll be able to complain about slightly longer midweek runs. This week has been another rest week (the plan pulls back on miles every three weeks to aid recovery and prepare for next increase)

Training Schedule – Week 6

  • Mon – 3 miles easy
  • Tues – Rest
  • Wed – 6 miles easy
  • Thurs – 3 miles easy
  • Fri – Rest
  • Sat – 9 miles long
  • Sun – Rest/Cross Train

Monday’s run ended up 5 miles, with the running club on a 20 minute out and back run. I ran with Sarah R most of the way, and she gets a good pace on, so naturally, I ran a bit faster than usual. I really enjoyed speeding up a little, getting more out of breath and red in the face than usual. For the distance, I’m sure it’s not an issue (but don’t tell big Hal).

On Tuesday evening (Hogmanay) I kept the drinking to almost teetotal levels, unheard of for me, and was in bed by 2am (again, not normal behaviour – I’m usually the one you hear singing their heart out walking home at 5am). I’d arranged to do the parkrun double next day at Montrose and Stonehaven, and I was designated driver.

Montrose parkrun had an amazing turnout, considering it’s traditionally the time of year for raging hangovers and a severe drouth. I ran alongside lots of running club regulars and friends. Next up, after taxiing The Kinghorns, Graeme T and Gary J and I to Stonehaven, I contemplated the notorious ‘hill’ that forms part of the parkrun route, that you have to run not once, but three times. I didn’t have long to think about it though, as we gathered for a ‘Montrose parkrun regulars’ photo op.

The hill turned out to be no too bad. I managed to run up it all three times, and as always with hills, I love racing down the other side. Not sure if this was before or after, but I look fairly chuffed.

On Thursday I arranged to do my 3 miler with Laura and Caroline. We had hoped for a cheeky Costa at the end, but it was shut (2nd Jan is a public holiday in Scotland) so we visited our running buddy Claire instead who is nursing a broken toe at the moment.

My long run on Saturday wasn’t terribly remarkable. Except a couple of things I did differently. I tried out Clif Bloks energy chews instead of gels after finding some in Tesco. I have tried them before, when I ran the Templeton 10 mile race with Colleen and she gave me one before the race. They taste like sweeties, and I could easily eat the whole pack…but I resisted and had just the one before setting off. I had a couple of albums I wanted to listen to, the kind that I can listen to over and over and never get tired of. Interestingly, both were released years before I discovered them…which is a bit like how I feel about not discovering running sooner in life.

I’m glad that this easier week tied in with the end/start of the year. 2020 is going to be an incredibly busy year for me, with lots of big changes. I’ve managed to have a good rest over the festive period, and spend lots of quality time with friends and family. I am looking forward to embracing the challenges that are ahead, not least the next stage of training, which will culminate next week with my longest run to date – 14 miles!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all celebrated the end of the decade in style.

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