Week 3 – Only 17 miles?!

….are words I’d never imagine saying. But I did. I was actually thinking I’d written down the plan wrong.

I hadn’t. Week 3 is a sort of a recovery week. The mileage is pulled back at little, to prepare me for the next couple of weeks of increases.

Actually, I couldn’t have timed it better. The weeks before Christmas in my industry are busier than Donald Trump’s PR team. I’m a portrait photographer, which means I start fulfilling Christmas wishes back in Oct, and final ordering and delivery usually reaches fever pitch around this week. Hours sitting in front of my Mac, digitally fixing crusty noses and snottery cheeks of the wee cherubs that I didn’t want to spook but getting the baby wipes out. More hours getting print orders sent, mounted, packaged and collected. I bloody love my job, but it has mundane elements like any other job. I’m glad to say that all my lovely customers now have their cherished images ready to bring tears to the eyes of their nearest and dearest on Christmas morning.

Meanwhile, I still haven’t put up my tree. I’ve not seen the inside of a shop for some time, Amazon Prime has taken all my money and the local couriers think I’m laundering money due to the number of parcels arriving daily. You’d think a running schedule would be the last thing I need. It has been my salvation. The headspace away from distractions and to-do lists is one of the greatest benefits of the sport. I always feel recharged and clear headed afterwards.

Training Schedule – Week 3

  • Mon – 3 miles easy
  • Tues – Rest
  • Wed – 5 miles at Marathon Pace
  • Thurs – 3 miles easy
  • Fri – Rest
  • Sat – 6 miles long
  • Sun – Rest/Cross Train

Monday’s run was waaaaay faster than it should have been. Not parkrun PB territory, but at a nippy 9 minute mile pace. This is my problem when I run on my own, especially over a short distance. Not sorry. Felt great.

On Wednesday, I stuck with one of my favourite 5 mile routes, out and back to Scurdie Ness lighthouse. It was a decent day and I had taken delivery of a head strap for my GoPro (thanks to Amazon Prime) so off I went looking like a totally rad snowboarder without a snowboard, using the Timewarp feature to record. Really pleased with the footage. Also, the run was good. Pace felt comfortable and breathing was relaxed.

Thursday was meant to be 3 miles. It ended up being my 6 mile long run because there was the opportunity to hang out with my running club buddies. Grabbing a lift from my good friend Jo to the start point, we set out on a looped course mixing up roads and dark muddy farm tracks, then up a hill and down again back to the start. Had a good chat with Moira, Jacqui and Anya for the first loop, then realising it was over three miles per loop, I ran a modified second loop on my own to make up the six miles. I kept my pace easy and avoided a soaking by taking the opportunity to go vote while Jo, Graeme and Ian did a third loop. Kudos to them for going almost 11 miles total!

I’ve not managed to fit a parkrun into my training so far. My local parkrun is great and I’ve missed my regular Saturday morning social. Like all parkruns, it’s run by a team of dedicated volunteers who make sure the panhandle course is well marshalled and clearly marked. This week saw Run Director Val at the helm, giving us all the news that the course was a fair bit icy in places, before we set off. In keeping with their excellent community partnership values, this week was also a collection point for food bank donations. It was heartening to see the ‘parkrun trolley’ filled to the gunnels with donations by the end.

I ran a nice easy chatty pace with Lesley and Emily R, always a giggle running with those two! My new runners had their debut too…it was about time to get some new shoes, Strava had been nagging me for weeks and my usual shoes had done over 900km. I had been getting sore ankles the last few runs, and my toes were poking out of the top mesh so I bit the bullet and ordered the same style in my favourite colour. Pleased to say my ankles felt great!

I still feel 17 miles was a bit lazy though. Next week it’s 23 miles.

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